At Compassion Counselling, I utilize a variety of perspectives based on the presenting problem and needs of each client.  Sessions are tailored to your individual experiences and desired outcomes while taking into consideration your unique personal history and life experiences.  I work within a Transpersonal or Spiritual, non-religious framework, which extends beyond the limit of ego and personality alone and enhances the use of mind-body connection and consciousness for a powerful holistic approach to transformation.

My approach is a combination of Family Systems Theory including multi-generational transmissions of trauma, Person-Centred Humanistic Therapy, Relational Therapy, Gestalt and Experiential Psychodrama, Existential Therapy, Ecotherapy and Mindfulness Based interventions. 

People come to therapy for a wide assortment of reasons, most often because of a perceived problem in their lives or relationships.  A ‘problem’ is ultimately a question which is raised for our consideration and inquiry, something that we are having difficulty understanding or accepting, or requires skill building and a functional solution to move beyond.  Hardship has no borders, geographical, financial or familial boundaries, yet, a problem always provides opportunity if we know how and where to look for it.

During our sessions, I will accompany you as you navigate personal and/or professional obstacles. You will go through the process of setting goals, discovering patterns and beliefs that are both helping and hindering you in your life, exploring new options and tools for growth and building resilience and, participating in experiential interventions beyond ‘talk therapy’ that are designed to expand your awareness of self and other. Through a process of integration, you will be supported and encouraged to step further into yourself and your life in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.