Counselling Services

Providing private counselling services for individuals, couples and families dealing with:

• Grief and Bereavement
• Anxiety and Depression
• Self Esteem and Confidence
• Interpersonal Conflict and Boundary Issues
• Body Image Issues
• Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress
• Self Defeating and Self Destructive Behaviour
• Relationship difficulties
• Addictions and Attachments
• Life Transitions

I utilize a variety of perspectives based on the presenting problem and needs of each client. Sessions are tailored to your individual experiences and desired outcomes while taking into consideration your unique personal history and life experiences. I work within a Transpersonal or Spiritual (non-religious) framework, which enhances the use of mind-body connection and consciousness for a powerful holistic approach to transformation.

My approach is a combination of Family Systems Theory including multi-generational transmissions of trauma, Person-Centred Humanistic Therapy, Relational Therapy, Gestalt and Experiential Psychodrama, Compassionate Inquiry, Existential Therapy, Ecotherapy and, Contemplative and Mindfulness Based interventions.

People come to therapy for a wide assortment of reasons, most often because of a perceived problem in their lives or relationships. A ‘problem’ is ultimately a question which is raised for our consideration and inquiry, something that we are having difficulty understanding or accepting, or requires skill building and a functional solution to move beyond. Hardship has no borders, geographical, financial or familial boundaries, yet, a problem always provides opportunity if we know how and where to look for it.